“Cricket’s Rise to Prominence :2023 A Journey Through Time”

Match Fixing and Gambling

The popularity of cricket has led to some serious illegal activities. This includes betting and match-fixing. Several big names, including politicians, celebrities, prominent businessmen, and famous cricketers, have been involved in such illicit activities.

I know about cricket we played a friendly match against govt high school the played of our school team prepared themselves for the match on the day of the game we all went to the ground we the toss and decided to play first after tosing 3 wickets we made only 30 runs then our captain went in there were eight boundaries and two sixes for him they were able to rise the score up to 95 and term all the score 135 the opening pair of the Govt. high school.

Latest MRF Tyres ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings

"Cricket's Rise to Prominence :2023 A Journey Through Time"

And Gill has closed the margin considerably on the Pakistan captain, with the gap at the top down to just 103 rating points now, with Babar leading the way on 863 rating points and the India opener with 759 points.

Cricket tops the list when it comes to favorite sports of India. The craze is so much so that Indian cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly are worshipped in our country. A marble statue of Sachin Tendulkar has been set up in a village in Bihar and is addressed as the God of cricket.

Several scandalous betting cases involving millions of dollars have been highlighted. Those involved have been charged with serious charges. Many people have even lost an enormous amount of money in the event. However, people continue to indulge in this illegal activity to juggle easy money. Since the cases of match-fixing have come to the limelight, it has spoiled the whole fun of the game. National levels. These mainly include Test Cricket, Twenty20 and One Day Internationals.

The Initiation of Twenty20 Cricket Matches

Twenty 20 cricket matches were introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in 2003. The game soon became popular and recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

In a T20 match, both the teams play for 20 overs each. The one who manages to score higher among the two wins the game. A T20 game usually lasts for a total of three hours.

It was initiated to generate more interest among the spectators and has succeeded in the same. Twenty20 matches have become extremely popular among the cricket fans. This can largely be attributed to its fast and crisp approach. It matches up to the fast-paced lifestyle of the young generation.


The initiation of Twenty20 has increased its craze manifolds.

It is one of the most exciting games played between two teams. These teams comprise eleven players each. They take turns to bat and bowl, and the winning team has the highest batting score. The craze for is ever-increasing. It is loved by people of every generation.

The Rules of the Game

As mentioned above, the game is played between two teams comprising eleven players each. Each unit also has a 12th player who gets to play as a replacement in case a player gets injured on the field. It is played in a big open area with a bat and ball. The game consists of a minimum of one inning. During this inning, each team must bat and bowl/field turn-wise. The teams play to score the maximum score, as that is what is required to win the game.

The captains of both teams come forward for a toss at the beginning of the game. The one who wins the toss decides whether his team will bat first or bowl. The bowling team bowls and fields. Their sole aim is to ensure that the team at the batting front sets a low target for them. On the other hand, the batting team tries to score the maximum they can. Two batsmen play on the field simultaneously, and the rest sit in the pavilion. One player from the bowling team bowls, one is the wicketkeeper who stands behind the batsman, and the others stand at different positions on the ground to the field.

Cricket: The Fan Following

Cricket is one sport that has an enormous fan following. Fans can be found in every nook and corner of the world. In India, especially, This can be seen during the World Cup and other cricket tournaments. Cricket fans await such matches all year long and watch them enthusiastically.

Lately, there has been a growing trend of installing big screens in societies and market areas during cricket tournaments so that cricket fans can gather and watch these matches together. The excitement of the game raises manifolds as people come together to watch the same. The interest and excitement rise all the more during India-Pakistan matches.

Many people also call their friends and relatives home during cricket tournaments to enjoy the game together. It is an excellent opportunity to bond with our near and dear ones. People have opinions about different players, leading to exciting discussions during these matches. While their thoughts about the players may differ, everyone wants India to win the game, and the joy on their faces is visible as the country succeeds.

The site at the cricket stadiums is all the more exciting. For a fan, there is nothing better than managing tickets or passes for a cricket match. As the players take on the field, the fans shout in excitement to cheer them up. They support the players all through the match. The excitement continues to build as the game progresses.


Cricket may not be India’s official national game; however, it is no less than that. Cricket fans in India outnumber any other game/ sport in the country. The game is popular among people of every age group across classes.

Cricket is one of the most popular games worldwide.

"Cricket's Rise to Prominence :2023 A Journey Through Time"

No other game has seen as much craze and fan following as this. Playing requires a lot of physical stamina and a good presence of mind. Numerous aspiring

enrolls at various cricket academies each year. However, only a few can make it big in this profession. Getting selected for the state, national, and international teams takes professional coaching, hard work, and practice.

Types of Cricket Matches

There are different types of matches played at national and international levels. Here is a look at some of the popular kinds of formats that form a part of different tournaments:

Test Cricket

It is played over five days. It is played in innings and consists of a total of four innings. One team bats in each of these innings, and the other bowls/ fields. Since test cricket is played for four innings, each team can bat and bowl twice during the match. The team with the highest score in both innings wins the game.

Test cricket is said to be the ultimate test of a team’s performance.

One Day International (ODI)

This match is played for a fixed number of overs between two teams of international status. The game is mostly limited to 50 overs per team. The team that bats first sets a target score. The other team chases the target. The team that manages the highest score among the two emerges as the winner. Each bowler in this cricket format is allowed to bowl for a maximum of 10 overs.

Twenty 20

This is the shortest and most exciting cricket format. Each team plays for a total of 20 overs. The one with the highest score wins the game. All the other rules of the game are the same as the ODIs. Twenty20, also known as T20, has received immense appreciation for its short and crisp matches. The game begins and ends quickly, so the players must be on their toes throughout the game.

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