“Embrace the Epic: My Viking Journey2023 Through History and Adventure”

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My Viking Journey

One of the things I’ve always loved about Vikings is that the line still believes in the printed documentation. For me, this adds tremendously to the cruise experience. Getting your cruise documents in the mail, like in the old days, will add anticipation. Validate the idea that you are going to cruise!


In the past, Viking sent a check-in slip containing the necessary information, generic luggage tags, and a leather luggage tag. He also sends two giant stickers to stick on his shirt when leaving the baggage claim at the arrival airport. I never do that. I look pretty dumb, and I don’t need a sticker to add to that.

Viking documentation is a real winner. The line recently updated its documentation and introduced an exciting custom brochure detailing their flights, hotel stays (if applicable), transfer information (as available), itinerary information, onboard information, deck plans, and accessible shore excursions.


My Viking Journey, one of the leading small cruise lines, allows you to explore the heart of each destination. I found the Viking Portal extraordinarily user-friendly and intuitive; it may be the simplest and most effective tool we have ever employed. This approach by Viking is like comparing apples and oranges to beautiful flowers. They appeal to the right person at the right time but are all distinct entities.

My Viking Journey’s website features numerous dining options, shore excursions, and ship-related details. Before departure, customers can also book shore excursions, read the updated news, and view photos. You can earn exciting rewards, regular updates, and advance travel bookings through My Viking Journey.

Viking Cuisine and Culinary Adventures

"Embrace the Epic: My Viking Journey2023 Through History and Adventure"
  • Discuss the Viking diet and culinary traditions.
  • Recommend Viking-inspired recipes or restaurants for readers to try.

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Customer Service For My Viking Journey Updates

Customer services are available to all My Viking Journey customers via phone, email, and chat. You can use our customer service facilities to obtain information about  My Viking Journey updates, reservations, travel agent contacts, and rewards by logging into My Viking Journey at

If you have any questions about My Viking Journey updates, complaints, and reservations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at our toll-free number: 1-855-338-4546 or 1-866-984-5464 between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm on weekdays (from Monday to Saturday): 5:00 am to 7:00 pm and weekends (Sunday) from 05:00 am to 7:00 pm.

My Viking Journey: Viking cruise travel gives wings to your dreams by bringing traditions and culture closer and cementing ties with people through traveling globally. Life becomes beautiful, provided people take time to derive fun and enjoyment from nature’s enchanting beauty. 

Hence, undertaking a Viking journey becomes one of the most memorable times that comes with excitement, considering the list of excellent places one is subjected to. 

My Viking Journey Mobile App

At Viking®, we believe in providing exceptionally well-designed cruises and digital experiences that bring you closer to the world’s cultures. One of the Mobile apps for My Viking Journey is the Viking Voyager App, given below.

Viking Voyager App – The Viking Voyager app is available for all smartphone users in the Play Store. Users can easily download it and install it from the Play Store to improve their experience with My Viking Journey. Our mobile app enhances your onboard experience on active ocean, river, and expedition voyages. The Company launched this application in the Play Store to give its clients a better experience on their My Viking Journey trips.

My-Viking-Journey-Mobile App

About Viking

Viking Travel began in 1997 with the vision that travel could become more intentional and culturally immersive. In 2000, the company acquired the European company KD River Cruises to expand its fleet, leverage 40 years of river cruise experience, and obtain the rights to significant piers in major European cities.

The origin of the Vikings is unknown. Many theories exist about its origin. The Old Norse word Vikings usually meant “pirate” or “invader.” It comes from an Old Norse word used during the Vikings’ time. Since then, Viking has become the leading small ship travel company, offering river, sea, and expedition voyages to all seven continents.


As one of the world’s leading small cruise lines, My Viking Journey lets you explore the heart of your destinations. I found the Viking Portal extremely easy to use and intuitive; it might be the easiest and best tool we’ve ever used. Viking’s approach is like comparing delicious apples and oranges with gorgeous flowers. They are all attractive at the right time for the right person, but they are entirely different.

My Viking Journey offers a variety of shore excursions, dining options, and information about the ship on its website. Customers can also book shore excursions, read news, and view photos before departure. Through My Viking Journey, we can earn rewards, receive regular updates, and book travel in advance.

Features Of Viking My Journey

My Viking Journey is a very safe and secure platform accessible only to Viking passengers. I hope Viking will provide an expanding My Viking Journey after consulting with passengers. Viking My Journey has the following features:

  • Give people access to past cruises, but only to read about them. At the moment, everything goes away as the cruise starts, and the information about the cruise will never return. When the cruise starts, turn off the booking service & transaction portal.
  • Put the Viking Daily on My Viking Journey & give passengers a place to upload photos, write in their diaries, and write reviews of trips. It would be best if people could review their daily excursions online and keep a copy to send to Viking.
  • Tick checkboxes so passengers can share notes, reviews of excursions, and photos with Viking, members of My Viking Journey, and the general public.
  • Add forums for every Viking cruise so that people who have been on Viking cruises before can help “new” Viking cruise customers and give them advice.

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